Global IT Industry Leaders:

We have established ourselves as a leader in the IT Industry Globally, with new and existing services expanding over 50 countries. From firmware, VoiP, Web Applications to Custom automated software, we are your one stop Software Partner.

Specialist services including IT governance

A variety of services related to the deployment, deisgn and utilization of information technology by business enterprises are offered such as strategy design, assistance with procurement and supply,risk management, commissioning and where required, maintenance procedures.

Design, Development and SEO, Marketing, Blogs ...

As the use of the Internet and networked systems become more pervasive, the importance of developing secure software increases. All development includes the highest security methodologies available applied to ensure we always comply and deliver safe information.

  • Our results indicates that integrating our unique methodology, not only improves strategic software desicions, but in existence creates long term cost effective solutions.

  • Our custom SEO consulting services provides you with the best approach and strategy, ultimately to achieve online business goals for any industry.

  • Our specialists in system integration services will provide you with seamless integration solutions. We specialize in 3rd party intergration solutions.

  • Proving our customers with complete begining to end solutions, E-Bito owns hosting facilities within major bandwidth suppliers in South Africa and within the UK.

  • Our Hosting Partners includes: